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WDDTY September CoverWhy ME

Read about how I used a healthy diet to recover from ME in the latest issue of What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine which is out in the shops from today!

The article entitled ‘Why ME?’ describes the phases of diet I went through before reaching the cooked and raw vegan stage I am at today, having regained all of my energy. It is a huge change from being bed bound at the start of my severe ME and took 3 years of making positive health changes to recover fully. The article also features my 10 Steps for ME Recovery.

ME is a very real illness despite many doctors putting it down to being in the mind and prescribing anti-depressants. It is caused by the organs of the body not getting the energy they need to function properly from a poor diet devoid of nutrients. The mitochondria cells which produce the energy currency ATP need certain food components to function, and if they are malnourished, the organs such as the heart cannot sustain a fast heart-rate and blood pressure drops. This lead to collapses which I have experienced first-hand. If the brain does not get the energy it needs to function, it causes brain fog, poor concentration and dizziness which I have also experienced. As soon as you consume a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and wholefoods, the cells are filled with the vitamins and nutrients they need to heal and return to full functioning.

I genuinely hope the article inspires someone with ME to look at altering their diet and see the positive changes in their health. They can read my story and know that the illness is curable and despite what we are told, full recovery is entirely possible.

I am training to become a nutritional therapist and plan to work one-on-one with people suffering from ME to teach them the tools to heal themselves.

3 thoughts on “Why ME?

  1. Kate, I just read your article!! It’s fantastic!! I think everyone with ME should read it, switching to a gluten free, vegan diet is definitely the way to go! 🙂

    How long did it take you to fully recover? I felt SO much better within a week of switching my diet, but then some stressful events caused me to have a relapse. I’m back on the path to recovery now, and getting more of my energy back each day! Love and hugs! xx

    Ps, I think I’ve just discovered my new favourite magazine – SO many interesting articles in there! 😀 x

    1. Thank you so much Chrissy! I hope lots of people with ME read it and it gives them hope 🙂 Yes WDDTY is a great magazine! We have subscribed to monthly subscriptions and my family loves reading it too!

      I had my health collapse in December 2008 then had the diagnosis of CFS in December 2009. I visited the nutritionist in 2010 and felt a lot better after a few weeks. I was able to go back to work in December 2011. So I would say it took me 3 years to fully recover. When did you get ill?

      I’m sorry you had a relapse, it is very common when people start to feel better and do too much or get very stressed. I am very sensitive to stress as well. Rest a lot and I hope you feel energised again soon! xxx

      1. *hugs* Aw, thank you so much!! 😀 I’m finally back to where I was before my relapse (yay!) – it’s crazy how a few days of stress can cause months of feeling so ill eh!

        I first got sick in Feb ’06, when I developed really bad hypersomnia. It lasted about 3 months and I recovered, but I never had the same energy levels again (although I didn’t know I had ME at the time). Then in 2011 my symptoms flared up again, and by early 2012 I couldn’t manage anymore and moved back in with my parents, it was then that I got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but it wasn’t until February this year, that I finally got diagnosed with ME.

        Today is my 3 month vegan-ersary though and I’ve already seen such huge improvements that I’d given up hope of ever seeing! My relapse reminded me I’m not as well as I first thought though lol, but I know I’m definitely on the road to recovery! 😀

        Hope you’re having a fantastic day!

        Love Chrissy xxx

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