Blog Name Change & Updates!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to let you know about some updates.

Blog Name Change!

I’m so excited to tell you that my blog has a fantastic new name: Cooking to Heal ME. I came up with the name in a moment of inspiration one morning. I feel it is really appropriate and perfectly describes what I am about! I cook and use food to heal the symptoms of ME!

I have decided to focus my blog more towards ME as my heart is with ME sufferers and I want to help them get well! I want to share recipes and other health tips that have helped me to make a full recovery!

Note: If you type my old blog address into a search engine, you will still be directed to my site! The new address is

Facebook Page

My facebook page has also changed names from Kate’s Inspired Cooking to Cooking to Heal ME. Show some love and follow me on facebook!

Facebook page


My twitter account is doing very well! It’s new name is @CookingtoHealME


I am also on Pinterest! Look me up to view tasty pictures of my recipes!


Yes I’m on tumblr as well! I’m addicted to social media! He he! 🙂

Email Newsletter

I have created an email newsletter sign up which you can find on the left-hand column of my facebook page. I will be sending out a newsletter at the end of every month including the latest updates, posts, public features and personal stories! If you would rather receive an email than joining my RSS feed sign up! Just click on the email sign up button and add your name and email address to stay updated!

facebook 3

Free Inspiring Movies!

I have updated my Bookshelf page and added links to my favourite inspiring movies! You can watch the full movies for free, just go to Bookshelf. Enjoy! 🙂

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