Ensalada in Orba

Today we went for a walk in the Jalon valley and saw wild orange trees, nut trees, purple grape trees and cacao bean trees! We have lemon trees in the garden at the villa so can pick wild lemons. It’s fantastic to go outside and pick your own fruit!

Later we drove to Orba to have lunch in Les Arcades. For tapas they had finely sliced, fried mushrooms seasoned in olive oil, garlic and parsley which were very tasty.

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For starter I had the sopa de cebolla/onion soup which was tasty.

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All the main meals contained meat, but we asked the waiter if they could prepare some vegetables. Later on he brought out a stunning dish of rainbow coloured vegetables with rice, mushrooms and patatas which was amazing!

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For dessert I had cantaloupe melon. After that we were stuffed!

So it really is possible to eat vegan while in Spain!

2 thoughts on “Ensalada in Orba

  1. Wow!! That looks delicious!! I’m so gad the chef managed to make you something cruelty-free!! 😀 I’d love to live in a warmer climate and be able to pick lots of local, ripe fruit! Have a wonderful time! xxx

    1. Yes I was so happy when he brought it out! Every place I have been to so far has had something vegan that I can eat! And if there is not something on the menu often the chef is happy to accommodate! Are you vegan at the moment? It’s wonderful to get some sunshine here in Spain! I discovered an orange tree opposite my parents villa today. It’s so wonderful and makes me so happy to see an abundance of fruit everywhere! Will have to make some freshly squeezed orange juice! Thank you! I am having fun! I haven’t been on holiday for 3 years and it is so nice to relax away from everything and just have fun! Looks like you had nice holiday in the yurt! I hope your new treatment goes well and you get your funding for your Lyme’s test soon xxx

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