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Lemon in Water

It is important to drink enough water everyday to stay fresh and hydrated! Our body is 90% water. The recommended daily amount is 1500-2500ml which is about 3-5x 500ml glasses of water, juices or smoothies! Drinking water is also fantastic for detoxing and gives you radiant, clear skin!

Every morning I like to have a refreshing glass of lemon juice squeezed into water.P1010161

The benefits of this include:

  • Rehydrates you first thing in the morning
  • Stimulates liver detoxification
  • Stimulates your digestive juices before breakfast
  • Activates your root, solar plexus and throat chakras.

Note: Lemon is acidic and if drunk daily in the long-term it may cause tooth erosion. It is best to drink it through a straw to avoid contact with the teeth.


500ml Filtered water

1/2 Lemon


Pour yourself a glass of water.

Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the water, making sure to catch the seeds!

Enjoy your refreshing drink!

How to Make Kitchari

Kitchari is used in an ayurvedic diet for detoxing the body. It is simple, nourishing food that is easy to digest. Usually I make a large batch and store the extra in glass containers in the fridge to eat for lunch for the next few days.

You can find the full recipe below.

For more video showing how to make my gluten-free, vegan recipes check out my YouTube channel! Cooking to Heal ME


Serves 4


1tbsp              Coconut oil

½ tbsp            Mustard seeds

½ tbsp            Fennel seeds

1inch              Root ginger

½ tbsp            Ground turmeric

½ tbsp            Ground cumin

½ tbsp            Ground cumin

150g               Mung beans

150g               Brown basmati rice

500ml             Filtered water

1                     Medium Sweet potato

1                     Carrot

50g                 Frozen peas

¼ tsp              Pink crystal salt

¼ tsp              Black pepper


Melt the coconut oil in a hot pan.

Add the seeds to the hot oil. When the mustard seeds start to pop, add the finely chopped root ginger, turmeric, cumin and coriander.

Now add in the mung beans and rice, followed by the filtered water. Cut the sweet potato into slices and then quarters. Add to the pan with the chopped carrot and pour in the frozen peas.

Bring to the boil. Now put the lid on and simmer for 45 minutes.

Season with salt and pepper and serve warm.

Green Smoothie

Detox with this delicious, creamy green smoothie! The flaxseed provides added omega-3!


Serves 2

1                      Ripe Banana

1                      Apple

3                      Dates

½                     Avocado

1tbsp               Flaxseed

2 Handfuls       Spinach

300ml              Almond Milk

300ml              Filtered Water

Chop up the apple and add to the blender with the banana, dates and flaxseed. Cut the avocado in half, remove the stone and scoop out the flesh into the blender. Now add the spinach on top and pour in the almond milk and then the filtered water so it just covers the top layer of spinach.

Blend on full power for 30 seconds. Pour into a glass and enjoy!