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My Favourite Walk

These are the photos I took on my favourite walk. I like to go walking in nature several times a week. Looking at the beautiful scenery relaxes me and lifts my spirits! It is also great exercise.

The first sight I see is the beautiful front garden of the man who lives down my street who is always updating his garden with new plants!


He has rows of plant pots with beautiful, brightly coloured flowers on the wall leading down the street!


And his cute little cat!


I head towards Worth Church, one of the oldest Churches in England which is at the start of the Worth Way.


The Worth Way is a wooded pathway leading about 7 miles to East Grinstead.


This is my favourite part of the walk through the magical archway of trees!


Next is the bridge over the abandoned rail track that used to go to East Grinstead. Followed by the secret path through the woods I sometimes walk down.


This is the stunning old house I pass on my way back home down the main road. And the giant daisies where the faeries reside!


And the stunning view of Reigate Hill in the distance on the road to home!


And one of the protective oak trees standing guard on the green in front of my house! And pretty yellow flowers!


I hope you enjoyed the sights of my favourite walk!