Vegan Restaurant in Crawley

Vegan Restaurant in Crawley


I was amazed to discover that there is a vegan restaurant in Crawley 5 minutes away from where I work! Loving Hut Express opened up in Southgate in Crawley a couple of weeks ago! They serve delicious Chinese style vegan food. I tried the vegan fish and chips which was delicious and tasted like real fish!


I will definitely be back again to try out more of the mouth watering meals on the menu such as the tasty chicken balls, dumplings and vegan burgers. It is like a piece of Brighton in Crawley. Thank you Loving Hut for opening up in Crawley!

They also have amazing water that is filtered through an 7 panel ionising filter. It filters out the harmful chemicals and minerals such as chlorine and fluorine, which can cause toxicity in the brain, and it allows minerals that are good for health such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium to remain in the water. In Japan they call it medicinal water because it remineralises the body. It also has a pH of 8.6 which is alkaline so it alkalises the body which is also very good for health with the acidic diet we eat in the West.

The Crawley Vegan Society regularly meets up here to have high vibrational, loving chats. Come along an meet like minded vegan/vegetarian friends!

2 thoughts on “Vegan Restaurant in Crawley

  1. Wow!! That sounds wonderful! How great that it’s so close by to you too!! 🙂 A vegan cafe just opened up down here too, it’s great to see so many vegan places springing up! <3 xx

    1. Yes it is great to see vegan restaurants popping up everywhere! I used to have to travel to Brighton to go to a vegan restaurant and now there is one on my doorstep! I will definitely be using it regularly! 🙂 xx

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