Raw Chocolate Bar

Treat yourself to a homemade, dairy free and sugar free chocolate bar for Easter! It’s very easy to make, especially if like me you always have coconut oil in your cupboard! I’m always on the look out for sugar free chocolate. You can buy dairy free, but refined sugar free is hard to find. I don’t […]

Raw Mango Cheesecake

Treat yourself to this tasty raw mango cheesecake! Makes 1 Base: 150g               Walnuts 150g               Dates 1tbsp              Desiccated Coconut 1tbsp              Flaxseed Topping: 2                     Ripe Mangoes 150g               Cashew Nuts 3tbsp       […]

Green Smoothie

Detox with this delicious, creamy green smoothie! The flaxseed provides added omega-3! Serves 2 1                      Ripe Banana 1                      Apple 3                      Dates ½                     Avocado 1tbsp               Flaxseed 2 Handfuls       Spinach 300ml              Almond Milk 300ml              Filtered […]

Banana and Cashew Ice Cream

This delicious, creamy, dairy-free banana and cashew ice cream has only two ingredients and is so easy to make! It is the perfect treat to cool you down on a hot summer day! The cashew nuts give it a wonderful crunchy texture. I usually treat myself to this ice cream for dessert on christmas day! […]

Chocolate Snowballs

Indulge in these delicious chocolate snowballs, the perfect afternoon treat. Makes 10 Ingredients 100g                           Walnuts 100g                           Dates 1                                   Ripe Banana 1tbsp                          Agave Nectar 5tbsp                          Cacao ¼ […]

Nori Rolls

These tasty nori rolls are perfect for a light lunch in the summer. 2                      Nori seaweed sheets 2 leaves           Romaine lettuce 1                      Carrot ¼                     Cucumber ½                     Avocado 6 tsp                Hummus ¼ tsp               Salt ¼ tsp               Black pepper Lay out the nori sheets flat. Rinse all the vegetables. […]

Raw Chocolate Mousse

Delicious, smooth and chocolatey mousse that is quick to make! Serves 4 Ingredients 1                      Ripe Avocado 4tbsp              Cacao powder 2tbps              Agave nectar 300ml             Almond milk 1/4tsp             Pink crystal salt Instructions Put all the ingredients in the blender. Blend for 30 seconds on full power until well combined. Pour into 4 […]

Raw Chocolate Brownies

This is my favourite chocolate brownie recipe and it is so quick to make. I make it regularly and take these tasty raw chocolate brownies out with me to have as a snack. It is high in magnesium with the cacao powder, which helps the muscles to relax so can ease cramps. And the walnuts […]