Lemon in Water

It is important to drink enough water everyday to stay fresh and hydrated! Our body is 90% water. The recommended daily amount is 1500-2500ml which is about 3-5x 500ml glasses of water, juices or smoothies! Drinking water is also fantastic for detoxing and gives you radiant, clear skin! Every morning I like to have a […]

Cashew and Almond Milk

It is really rewarding making your own cashew and almond milk. It is so quick to prepare and just as tasty as the shop bought almond milk, but without the artificial preservatives! I added cashew butter for extra deliciousness! Store your cashew and almond milk in glass bottles to be eco-friendly. Makes 1.2L Ingredients 100g               Almonds […]

Green Smoothie

Detox with this delicious, creamy green smoothie! The flaxseed provides added omega-3! Serves 2 1                      Ripe Banana 1                      Apple 3                      Dates ½                     Avocado 1tbsp               Flaxseed 2 Handfuls       Spinach 300ml              Almond Milk 300ml              Filtered […]

Berry Smoothie

This tangy, pink berry smoothie is full of antioxidants! It is so quick to make and will give you an energy boost! Serves 1 Ingredients 2                      Apples Handful           Raspberries Handful           Blueberries Handful           Strawberries 500ml             Filtered water […]

Tropical Pineapple & Mango Smoothie

A refreshing smoothie full of enzymes and vitamins! This pineapple and mango smoothie will remind you of tropical destinations. Serves 1 Ingredients 1                     Ripe Mango 1 slice             Pineapple 1                     Kiwi 1tbsp              Desiccated Coconut 300ml             Filtered Water […]