Foods for The Throat Chakra

Your chakras are seven energy centres which govern certain areas of your body. When they are open and spinning at at the right speed, we have vibrant health and all areas of our life work well. When they are closed or underactive, we get illnesses and problems in areas of our life such as finances, relationships, self-esteem etc.

The throat chakra governs communication and is about speaking your truth and expressing yourself.

People who are quiet with low self-esteem who do not speak up for themselves often have a closed throat chakra. This can stem from being told off for expressing their true self as a child and being taught to conform and behave in a certain way. It is important to open the throat chakra and find your voice in order to communicate our thoughts and feelings and have healthy relationships.

To open it, practice speaking up for yourself to the right person at the right moment. Activities such as singing are helpful to open your throat chakra. Foods to stimulate the throat chakra include drinks especially water, juices, smoothies, fruits, soups, sauces and sea vegetables.

Recipes for the throat chakra include:P1010161

Smoothies & Drinks

Lemon Juice in Water
Tropical Pineapple & Mango Smoothie
Green Smoothie
Vegan Mango Lassi


Summer Fruit Salad


Carrot & Coriander SoupP1000048
Green Pea & Mung Bean Soup

Sea Vegetables

Nori Rolls


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