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How to Find Your Life Purpose

I spent a year trying to find my life purpose. Now it is crystal clear to me that everything I have been through during my illness and using nutrition to recover was so that I could teach others how to do the same!

Finding and living your life purpose is good for your health and wellbeing. I feel so much happier now that I know what my life purpose is and have a direction in life to focus my energy on. It feels amazing to be making a positive difference in the world by blogging about my experiences of using nutrition to heal my illness, which have already helped people around the world! Eventually I will work one-on-one with people to help them improve their health as a nutritional therapist.

Here are my 10 steps to finding your life purpose:

1. Write down a list of all the things you enjoy doing!

What do you love doing? What do you do that seems natural to you that you don’t even realise you are doing it? For me it was cooking new recipes in my spare time! To me it was a necessary and enjoyable use of my time! What did you enjoy doing as a child? Did you build lego houses or watch every episode of pet rescue? Did you play with barbie dolls and make them into families? Or paint pictures or make magazines?

2. What did you want to be when you were a child?

When I was a child I wanted to be famous singer. I used to love singing into my karaoke machine and dreamed of being a popstar in a girl group like the Spice Girls! Now I see the connection. As a spiritual teacher it is my job to sing the messages of health and good nutrition to the world! Who knows, maybe one day I will be a public speaker!

3. Look at your name numerology!

Numerology can reveal a lot about your personality. You can find information on the web about what each number means.

To calculate your Earth Path number which represents how other people see you, add up the consonant number equivalents in your full name including your middle name/s.

A=1, B,=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6, G=7, H=8, I=9, J=1, K=2 etc.


2+2+3+5+9+1+5+2+9+9+4+5 = 56, 5+6=11, 1+1=2

Earth Path number 2 – I am seen as someone who is quiet, creative, caring and loving.

To calculate your Soul Path number which represents what your soul desires to do in this lifetime, add up the vowel number equivalents in your full name including your middle name/s.


1+5+5+5+1+6+1+5+6+9+6+1 = 51, 5+1=6

Soul Path 6 – My soul desires to heal others.

To calculate your Life Path number which is the path you are destined to live, add up the sum of your Earth Path number and Soul Path number:

For me: 2+6=8

Life Path 8 – I am destined to work hard and be successful and abundant.

4. Look at your astrology

The three main aspects to look at are your sun sign, rising sign and moon sign. Sun sign and rising sign make up 50% of your overall personality.

Your sun sign which is the position of the sun at the time of your birth is your true personality. I am an Aries so I am a brave, fiery, attention-seeking, charming and a leader at heart.

Your rising sign is how others see you. I am a Gemini so I am seen as an academic who studies a lot and is sociable, quick witted and smart.

Your moon sign which is the position of the moon at the time of your birth represents your emotional life.  Mine is in Libra so I need balance in my emotional life.

5. If you didn’t have to earn money, what would you spend your time doing?

For me it would be cooking, blogging, writing, spiritual development, meditation, yoga, walking in nature, gardening – all the things I love to do!

6. Look at your bank statement

What do you spend you money on? Do you buy music CDs, clothes, books on history, magazines on fashion, health food products, tarot cards or car parts? This gives you a clue as to your interests.

7. Look at your bookshelf

Do you own several books on sewing, cookbooks, art and craft books, anime books, gardening, DIY etc.

8. When you go to the library which sections do you go to?

I go to the spiritual section, the health section, the cookbook section and the business section.

9. Meditate

Take the quiet time to sit down and meditate. Ask the universe “What is my life purpose?” and see what ideas and visions come to mind. Do this regularly and watch for the signs.

10. Listen to your feelings

When you do an activity does it make your feel happy and good afterwards? Or do you feel tense and have a bad feeling in your gut? Trust your instincts. It is the same when you are around people. Does being around them energise you? Or does it drain your energy leaving you feeling depressed?

WDDTY Magazine Article: ‘How I beat my ME’

I was casually reading through the lastest issue of What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine, enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon, when I reached the back page, noticed a column IN THE NEXT ISSUE and saw my name!

They are going to publish an article on my recovery story entitled ‘How I beat my ME’ in the September issue. The introduction reads: ‘Student Kate, who was reading chemistry at university, overcame her natural scepticism to all things alternative when her chronic fatigue, so severe she could barely get out of bed, got resolved through diet.’

The September 2014 issue featuring the article is on sale from 28th August 2014. It can be purchased from shops in the UK, via hardcopy or electronic subscription or via the WDDTY app. Look out for the article!

Clearly I am very excited that my story will be viewed internationally in the magazine and will hopefully inspire someone suffering from ME to take control of their health and use diet to make a full recovery, which it exactly what I did.

If you have an inspiring story of recovery from illness, I highly recommend getting your story out there as it may help someone. Starting a blog is a great way to get your message out as it can be viewed by people throughout the world on the internet.

Fortunately for me, I was in contact with the PR department of CNM, the naturopathic college where I am currently studying, who were publishing my story of using natural methods to recover from ME along with a course testimonial on their website. They have links with many major alternative health magazines and contacted me saying that WDDTY is looking for an interesting story and could they put my name forward. Shortly afterwards I was contacted by the editor Bryan Hubbard who arranged a phone interview. Later a photographer drove down to me and we had a photoshoot in a local park surrounded by trees with the backdrop of a stunning lake. We even had a couple of white swans come up to us from the lake during the shoot!

I hope this inspires you to follow your passion and take actions steps to get your own story out to the world.

Thanks for reading! xx

What Happens When You Connect To Your Life Purpose?

What happens when you connect to your life purpose? Well when I started following my dream of being a nutritionist and helping people to transform their health, a series of coincidences took place.

Ever since I visited the nutritionist in the midst of my illness in July 2010 I wanted to do that job. At one point I looked online for courses and came across the CNM Nutrition Diploma course. It looked amazing because it incorporated the mind, body, spirit link and naturopathic treatments into the course! Just my kind of holistic approach! I enquired but did not enrol because I thought I would not be able to afford to find the money to do the course as I was only working part-time. So I put my dreams to one side and carried on with my average life.

Then I met a man at Vegfest in Hove. We discovered that we had the same passion for using diet to cure illness and lived in the same town! He invited me over to his house for lunch and we started spending a lot of time together. We became close and one evening driving back from his Mum’s house in Deal, Kent he said to me “Kate you are stuck in a rut in your job. What do you want to do with your life?” So I told him I wanted to be a nutritionist. He said when we got back, we would have a look at courses online. So the next day we had a look and he saw the CNM course and said that looks good and it is very near to where you live.

So I booked an open day online and we went along together. As soon as I was there I instinctively knew this was right for me and what I wanted to do. I had no doubts in my mind. When they mentioned the course fee I felt anxious. How am I going to find the money to fund the course? I was panicking in the car journey home. He was reassuring me that I would find the money and everything would work out ok. So the next day I checked my bank account and discovered I had just enough in savings for the first year of the course if I used my credit card as well! The first year was starting that weekend! So I paid over the phone there and then on the Thursday and enrolled in the course! If it wasn’t for a push from him, I never would have joined the course. People come into your life to help you move forward on your path.

A few months after enrolling on the course, I felt the need to break up with him, as I didn’t have time to study and spend all my spare time with him. It was too much. Also there was a huge age gap between us. I’m glad he came into my life, but it wasn’t right for me.

So as I now had a lot more time on my hands, I began a regime of meditating for 15 minutes every morning which is excellent for oxygenating the body, releasing tension in the muscles and relaxing the mind. One morning, in a meditative state after the meditation I created a blog. It’s like an outside force was guiding me forward. It had been on mind for at least a week and I had been thinking of names. So I created Kate’s Inspired Cooking on 11th April 2014!

Blogging has brought so much joy and creativity into my life! I have learnt how to take good photographs and write inspiring articles! I love cooking and have done for years! So now every time I make a new recipe, I type it into Word and take some photos of the finished product! It is joy to connect with lovely people from all over the world through the reader! And now, after 3 months of blogging, I am grateful to have over 150 followers and growing!

It is important to me to connect with people with ME/CFS. I seek out ME sufferers and share my story with them so they know they are not alone. When I was ill I felt completely alone and misunderstood. Unsupported by doctors and deserted by so called “friends”. I feel it is part of my life purpose to give hope to people with ME.

The important point on my journey was in July when I read an article in the CNM newsletter about the director of CNM who had used homeopathy to recover from the chronic pain after having an operation on his fingers which he accidentally cut off working in industry. At the end of the article they mentioned, “If you have an interesting story of using natural remedies to recover from illness, please contact our PR department.” So I emailed them with the link to My Story on my blog. A couple of weeks later they got back to me saying they would like to publish my story across their platforms! So I answered their questions and await to see the final version online!

Shortly afterwards, they contacted me saying that What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine is looking for interesting health recovery stories and can they put my name forward. I immediately said “Yes!” and not long after I received a phone call from the editor of the magazine saying he would like to put my story in the magazine! I was over the moon! It means that my story can be spread worldwide and reach many readers of the magazine who have the so called incurable illness ME. The next morning we scheduled a phone interview and I told him the details of what happened during my period of illness. He was a lovely guy and so understanding and on my wavelength in terms of views on the health system. So we ended the call as I had to go to work in my part-time admin job. After arriving, the photographer called and we arranged a date for the photo shoot! I was so excited!

So here I am, having returned from the photo shoot earlier today, awe struck to have met the amazing photographer John Clement who has photographed Stephen Fry, Jo Brand and Rachel Stevens among others! He is going to email me some of the photos and article will be published in several weeks! I am so grateful for these amazing opportunities that keep coming my way! This is what happens when you connect to your life purpose! The journey continues from here…